Spit Wit Like a Trickflip


In this piece Jack is talking smack as thought this blog were a rap.


The mind of a maker
Keeping up a grind ‘till I take it
Trickflip the shit quick with the sick wit
Acrobatic causing havoc when I’m at it ‘cause I’ve had it
Hot when I rock steaming glass shatters not
I’m a dick all outta shits
Won’t pull out
Clean staying mean, butt won’t cool down
Been around tried a couple of different sounds
Hearing the bitch screaming “don’t stop now”
That’s the voice in the background
Extra, Extra, Extra, going mad now
And I won’t back down
And I won’t stand down
And I won’t blackout
And I won’t quite shout
I slither when I whispers sneaking
Measure with whiskers fiending
Cat and mouse
You stumbled into the wrong house
No way out now
The claws behind these paws will cause a loss
Time and cost developed the sight which caught the tiny critters behind my bars
Inside my mirror I spit
Won’t wipe it off
Study my own shit
I study yours
Won’t hide behind no fur
The shit never so much as occurred as a thought
I’ve heard it not
This is much too raw
There is no stop
I’ll always be back with more
I’m a whore to this attention I adore
No apprehension opening doors
Just mention my name some more
I’ll pen you something
Splatter the ink all over your face
Don’t blink
It might have a weird taste
Things you wouldn’t dare think
You’re a fucking disgrace unable to stand in my place
I’m a stable genius
The horse in the race
I’m always winning this
Get the fuck outta my face
I’m winging it
And still building towers
Showered with skill and talent
Writing for hours
Hiding in my notes like a coward
Just because I know this is the way to make it work
And it’s going to work
I’m going to learn
Your stomach will churn
You’ll itch and you’ll burn
When you realize you’ve missed your turn
Meanwhile I’m here
Doing some more