A reflective analysis of the philosophical predeterminations we make about the world and the people in it. We always think we have things figured out while it is obvious to everyone else we’re making assumptions.


We claim to know the most while always knowing the least.
We boil the people around us down to simple generalizations not considering all the intricate details that make them.
We tell the world they’re being fake when they don’t behave according to our uneducated guess.
We pretend we’ve got every circumstance figured out to the smallest of details and cast blame when things fall apart.
We deny it being obviously a result of our lack of preparation.
We know what everything is for, what motivates each individual, what everyone thinks and feels at all times.
We feel there is no need for questions when we already know the answers.
We feel there is no need to be told because we won’t believe what doesn’t match our predetermined notions.

We, in our primitive prideful minds conclude and conclude with zero input from the reality of the matter.
Yet, we are stuck trapped thinking this is real, this is accurate. The world is what’s wrong not our assumptions.
We are arrogance, it leaks most from those of us who’ve accomplished the least.
Who understand our world the least.
Who’ve faced ourselves and our monsters the least.

We are no different than confused children pretending.
We’re drawing with crayons thinking we’re bold by drawing outside the lines, but we’ve not yet considered starting on an empty page.

We are this way because we already believe we are right.
We don’t acknowledge that the lessons come from the losses.
We have to first accept we know nothing and then we are free to know everything.
And the more we learn, the more aware we become that we know less than we thought we did.
We will never know because we live in denial of our ignorance.