Poker Crown in School


Life is filled with ups and downs. Having the bravery and confidence to face all those moments equally will result in a fruitful future filled with learning and accomplishments.
Jack gives his thoughts in this poem.


Patience is being tested
Straight aces on the table
Royal flush out of multiple choices
Pure crowned blood
Feeling able to take all the chips
4.0 mil stashed in the castle
Freshly dipped and gold plated
Playing the game is not a hassle
Cards in my hands
No class clown telling jokes to jesters now
Passing grade A performance
The brightest of Knights
Strokes of the lance questioned
Ready to fight once mentioned
Giving my life with purpose in mind
Lessons lessen
When the hands dealt aren’t used
With the best of intention
21 draws under face-down palms
Sound the trumpets and the alarms
Tower defense falls
Played with arrows and scams
Chalice quarter empty
Half-ass standing with no class
Days end at noon
Seem soon and friendly
I’m still rude
Don’t tempt me
Call the hero’s best brands
Soulless dance
Graduate wasted
Inside an ambulance
God save the Queen
For he will not save man
This evil genius
Does whatever he plan