New Ideas: Video Game Development

Jack writes of new creative ventures to pursue.


For several years I’ve been dabbling in game development. Learning the annoying ins and outs of game design and balancing. It’s definitely one of the most creative activities I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing and taking part in. It is also definitely one of the more difficult things I’ve attempted. It’s right up there with advanced arts like Novel Writing and Portrait Painting. The intricate details that formulate a single fraction of the bigger picture are absurdly complex. Similar to novel writing, if a single piece of the puzzle no longer works the entire bigger picture has the potential to collapse. One loose thread can unravel the entire stitch work.

Some of the more trying times I’ve encountered have arrived with game updates. Each new addition to the game can break all the other parts. Nothing can simply be forced in or added. Incorporation is the correct term. All new features must be carefully molded to fit the existing project like they were there from the start. Frustrations have been faced on multiple occasions do to this. I’m sure had I been someone else I would have quit as these moments came forward. Luckily, I’m a bit of a masochist and pushed through grinding my teeth and ready to destroy technology as a whole.

As my understanding of the craft has advanced and I’ve suffered through ever increasing challenges my mind has begun to consider embarking on beginning a product with the intent of finishing rather than just learning. In other words, I’ve been considering developing a game for public consumption. I’d more than surely take my time to craft something I’m pleased with rather than rushing some garbage meant for others. And to assure myself there is no financial rush I’d more than likely make the game free for users to download.

The real question is whether or not I feel up to it. Whether what I’ve learned is good enough to accomplish such a task. When is one ready enough? There will always be more to learn. I’m conflicted because Learning and Creating are equal loves of mine. Creating does come with learning as one moves forward which puts me in favor of simply going for it. On top that, there is an aspect of creation that comes with lessons only accessible through hands on experience. Being in the proverbial trenches will display complications only possible by being present. By “doing the thing.” This pushes me deeper into taking the step. The most alluring tidbit is that the best lessons might by those very ones accessible only through the act. And never reaching them otherwise in unacceptable. I must know what I don’t know.

I’m not sure where I’ll land, although it seems its more likely than not that I will soon begin developing a game. If I do decide to go this route I know it’ll be difficult but it’ll also be worth it. Priceless lessons from a game with no price. Curious to know what will end up made when I’m done.