Moment In Time


A narrative driven romantic poem about a moment in time.


Across the counter. Soundless, so profound how she stares through my soul. Accompanying smile and green eyes locked lips with mine, frozen in time.

I stare back stuck still, unable to peel away. Frail to what her eyes are trying to say.

She just stares.

Frozen in time.

She just stares.

And I’m frozen in time.

She questions why she doesn’t open her mouth. A subtle unsure smile. Asks if she making the right choice in keeping her mouth shut, but she’ll never know. Eventually, she’ll move on and wonder what would have been had she given it a try, given in when the chance arrived.

I just stare.

Frozen in time.

I just stare.

And she’s frozen in time.

I question and play around with the sight of her bright eyes.  A different path. What would have been had things not been. Fascinated by the red curls on this girl, freckled cheeks. She’s unaware she’s stuck in the middle of a stare down with me. But she catches on and I catch on that she catches on. Across the counter she catches on. I’ve had her caught all along, but she’s had me caught all along.

Across the counter.

She’s still holding the recite. Hasn’t even reached out to give it to me. Stuck in a crazed state inside her head for a moment that felt like days instead. I felt the same way and played the same games in my head.

“Can I?” I ask. She come back and realize it’s been twenty seconds since she locked up. Shook off and closed the register. Subtle, flirty, yet, apologetic smile flung into the works.

Playful and kind. For a moment in time I was hers and she was mine. Across the sightline of a moment in time. In the life that travelled through a gaze, static and still that lead two victims to a craze while they stood face to face. A shared madness and impulse, lustful, romantic and thoughtful. A moment in time.

And then I took the recite and left the restaurant with this curious moment in time.