It Was Said With Love


Let loose, be unfiltered and uncensored. Play with your craft and stop being scared of what others might think.

Jack writes a twisted poem playing with random thoughts in his head.


Miserable, missable, invisible
Dis the bull get the horns
Get recorded watching porn
Sell the tape in black market
To the underwear gnomes
I know the underworld’s flows
Hang with zombies roasting brain wondering about peculiar things
Wrapped around my hot dog
That hot broad’s buns come hot off the stove
This Hot Rod runs with nowhere to go
Interconnected, my thoughts sense it
Write like I forgot to have breakfast
My behavior all reckless
By the water cooler angry calling Becky a prude
When in reality I’m just sexist and she won’t do me the favor
Of cooking me food
As if it’s slave work to lay there
But I wanted booty
So even if she had the cooties
I chopped her into pieces
Fed it to the neighborhood racists
Think I’m closer to speciest
Might even be God
The savior and grace
Just not those few days I tossed shit in their faces
I’m lazy and little risque
So I created sluts and drugs
It was incredible, I’d say
Seven days
I stopped
I ran out of fucks to create with
Went back to raping sluts in my basement
Let the rest of these idiots remain complacent in their current situation
There are better ways to waste away than standing in lines night and day
Stepped off in the middle
Walk around the crowd to find out
We were on the wrong line just hanging out
Stand before you, me in the mirror
Hope you hear my voice a bit clearer
Than when we were kids
You screamed at me of
How things should be
But I’m a grown ass man-baby
I’m moody and crazy
Don’t tempt me to display how dirty I play
In front of the the Gents and the Ladies
You won’t like me when I’m angry
I don’t grow green but I’m rude