In Your Head


A short dark and twisted rap about head.


I’m a madman
Hanging out with Batman’s villains
Quite a bad man
Chillen with the sandman
Feelin’ kinda of goofy
When I’m feelin’ on the ladies that I’ve roofied
Breakfast in bed be the truth, G
Vitamin D for the bitches
I’m a brute, see
Her head be tripping
My knees weak
I’m humbled when my dick she grippin’
Sippin’ that red wine
She’s takin’ her damn time
She wants to go home
But the glock to her head says it ain’t time
She don’t want to no more
I don’t want to joke her
But if she stops too soon I might choke her
I’m the Joker when I’m mad
She better blow my brains out
Before I blow her brains out, then I’m sad
Mail body parts to her fam
With a greeting card
Reads, “This ain’t how it had to be”
”Send someone else in a snap or see what else I have”
I don’t want to start hunting these fuckers one by one
Stalking them at home ‘till they spot me and start to run
Too much work
Easier to torch the house of they’re spouses
Until they realize there is no way out
Come to my place and handle the baggage
It’s quite the load
You won’t be happy
I said, “make it snappy”
”I have to go”
Come through the back
I’ll come through the back
You’ve been here once?
You will come back
No option when it comes to that
If I ask you respond
It ain’t really even a question
Any answer but yes is wrong
Arrive with a thong on
Just because I felt like it
Because I like it
Because I might freak out
If I don’t get my way
Blow up your goddamn house
Until you play the game how I said to play
My game, my rules
You have no choice
You don’t get to choose
I’ll go as far as showing up in the news
Just to prove to you there ain’t shit you can do
To stop me from doing any of this shit to you
So don’t make me do what I already want to do
Know your goddamn place
Do what is meant for you
I’ve aligned the stars one last time
Don’t go too far
Or your life won’t go too far
I just want some head
I want to enter the trunk of your car
Splatter it with the bodies of the milkman’s children
Aborted and sticky like syrup
Icky quickly
Then it’s time for your cleanup
Feel me?