I'm a Straight up G


Spit hot bars
Ride nice cars
Make up for the fact I’m not smart
Buy bitches with money and fame
Because if I pretended I had game
The laughs would be too insane
They’d haunt me until the day I sprayed my toy UZI rounds through my skull into my brain
Bounced around and scrambled shame
Left nothing but a ring and wet ear
My stacks of money buildin’ up just as fast as they disappear
I have enough to leave the hood, shut up
Know where I came from
The hooptie I ride
With flames on the side
Dropped down with big rims and loud sounds
Rust all around
Brand new shoes
Even SWAG is on Fleek when I’m around
Take a hit
High all day
Nicks of Arie
Straight pothead
Ballin’ but no home
That street life callin’
And that child support, stallin’, semi-alcoholic
Equality, a mom can be a dad too
Shit is too true
That kid don’t look like me
He look like you!
And don’t pretend I didn’t use a condom
On that day we consummated in ways
Probably illegal in most states
Positioned in most ways
Played with visitors all day
Got so bad we had to pray with hopes we’d be saved
Turned out okay
But now you trippin’ thinkin’ I’ll be late tippin’ your slippin’ panties
There were like ten other dudes at that party hittin’ that shit beside me
So bitch, please, bye!
I hope you die for your lies!
I’m too gangster for that type shit
And I don’t like the block you live on
Makes me fear for my life
When I have to walk through there at night
Don’t want trouble with your neighbors
They should know I merc motherfuckers
My K/D will hurt niggas
I won’t trip
Ono shot, no-scope with three hits, lets go
Don’t choke or blink, I won’t miss
Don’t choke or blink, I won’t miss
Bruh, I ain’t scared of you!
I’ll jerk off to your girlfriend just like you
Televise it, too
On display for you to view and choose what to do
1v1 me bitch, come on through
Face me
I’ll fight you naked and see who’s the bitch who can’t take it
You can’t play this game with me
I’m too powerful to deceive
I’m only seven balls away from the dragon and then you’ll be done
You’ll want to dash
But that’s how you’ll lose control and crash
I’ll track your dead body
Stab it so it looks like you were murdered
Tell everybody I took your life ‘cause I’m a G
Crying in prison for the next ten years is where I’ll be
Orientation day
With no hesitation I’ll say I’m shit and the prison should listen to me
And because it’s true, so it’ll be
I win, you’ll see
They call me Goose