God's Storm

Stuck fightin’ in rough lightin’

Fuck tryin’, I’m done hidin’

All that’s left is thinkin’ quick, no subsidin’

Move like lightnin’ while strikin’

I’m above but grounded

Be frightened

My roll and rumble are well rounded

Crumble the walls surroundin’

I make the black clouds mad loud and highlight the background brightly

Cold cause I don’t stop the rain’s gain and pace reigns

Gotta be sick when I spit quick phlegm talkin’ shit bricks at glass houses

Where the grass grows and those last know who’s laugh shows the nice prose and gems

Then the time slows and the mass blows to ash, left behind a radio

Active glow of prices unknown, blue and red light specials incite theft

Mice in mazes, I hold treats before their faces, they don’t speak but they’re reactive and nameless

Small disgraces just shriek in anger, they can’t face it, they’ve lost all the races

The rabbit and the turtle ran the laps and the hurdles

Meanwhile, these rabid rodents madden frozen, they’re minds have chosen inactive goals

But as the storm closes in and the static begins the surge from within they’re all shocked

Wishin’ they could turn back the clock, but time speeds, seeds planted

And these trees feel green and granted as the rain feeds helpin’ maintain the state

Clouds come over the mountain, the winds growin’ profoundly

The mice frownin’ and prayin’ to the rat god hopin’ that he’s not gone

But he blew if fuckin’ brains out

Tired of the same bouts and gettin’ blamed ‘bout things they brought themselves

Attachin’ his name ‘cause they don’t want the blame, ‘cause they all feel ashamed

But when the storm clears and they don’t fear, they break the mirrors and do it again

It never ends