A simple rap by Jack taking jabs at the way the masses live.


I’m a wit mess that leave no witness when I pen with quickness
My words are my vest
I invest in morphing into the best by tossing all of my stress into the canvas

Shots fired
The effort will go admired, but maybe it’s time you retire
Understand I am the man with the skill you wish you had

Hi, I’m Will
Here’s the way out
Follow it
We’ll all be proud you’ll no longer be around getting loud about all the stacks your raps catch
Yet, somehow tomorrow at work, you’ll be right back
9 - 5, your life is like that

I’m not, mines not, It won’t
I won’t be caught
I said the pen would put food on the table
I haven’t been hungry enough to eat my words yet
Although I’m able
This shopping list is long and I’m gonna have it all
I’m capable, shit!
So long as I don’t fall without getting back up I won’t regret
Making logs in the lonely blog
Jotting down all my thoughts
Twisting the turning plots
The gears spin
I don’t fear getting too real when I spit dope shit in ink
So clever it’ll go missed if you blink

So what, I’m bright?
10,000 watts at night
The power of the sun in the bulb over my head will blind
Everyone knows what I’m thinking
It gets rung like a bird singing a song preaching about the world being what’s wrong
Enlightened when I speak
I bring you up so call me elevator when you shriek

I’ll see the haters later
Hopefully them Gs won’t be too faded to see themselves still on the streets
While I’m right here writing and waiting to see them act on something other than weed

Look, I’ve made it
I’ve placed me somewhere easy to mold life into what I believe it should be
The rest of you fools on the streets simply pretending to be
A dime bad here
A pound there
Overnight I made ten Gs with my eyes closed, literally
Safely tucked away nice and neat, comfy and not giving a fuck
You’re still hungry
I put a buck in your cup
Not trying to call you a basket case, but...