Conflicting Thoughts

Close to the edge
Dragged to battle with reflections
Cattle of thought
Tryin’ to rattle the pot
Turn the heat up, they’re not
Just shadows gettin’ nearer
I’m thinkin’ clearer
Glass sight
It’s been years
Their vision blurs up, they’re sinkin’
Turns up still drinkin’
So high they get stuck
In the middle of blinks
With a knives at a gun fight, they might die
That’s alright, just try to get by
Fire words thinkin’ they’ll hurt
Churn my stomach
Ahh, the burn
They never learn
Squirmy, whiny, fuckin’ worms
Cry their eyes screamin’
“We want to stay alive”
See me turn and lie, deceiving
Crimson rivers, leakin’
Down the weasels mugs
Speakin’ grace in vain
Get disgraced in shame
Delivered by the tongue at the admin panel
Beginner playin’ games
Voices in the wrong brain
Creepin’ up dark corners
Through wrong veins
It’s over
These fuckin’ after thoughts
Bitch, I’m a fuckin’ shark
Bitch, I control the dark
In my head
Can’t be that smart
In here I’m god
You’ve been here too long
Scared to be erase
Be put in your place
They quiver and shake
Shiver and fake being bigger
They break
Sinners, they walk away
I’m at the mirror