Clock is Slowing Down


A short poem about the current broken state of society.


We're all crooked, the end
We're all playing the victim refuse to sit down before the screen loud
The webbed spaceship, dead, faceless, anonymous and tasteless posting racist shit
Our thoughts are flung out into the digital crowd
The matrix, no Neo will save us now
Hoping they'll be proud we're pretending we know what we're talking about
How we feel about left or right
The red/blue pill fight stands whether day and night
Ignorance within us shines its dim light
Not quite the bright we had in sight
Machines take over in the middle of our blind plight
The sky is the limit, but we're too scared to take flight
Yet, we'll take a sharp knife to the throat of those fighting our same fight
Smith in suits, the fucking brutes, the corporate stooge, they own us crude
And we're hopeless when we argue the nonsense the false profits lay on us
The Oracle ain't honest, she's working for the monsters
The president this, yet, the present ain't this, at the present we're pissed, here's a present it's shit
Distractions while dissections happen
Madness overtakes our sadness
The glitch finally transactions with the havoc
Rabid we've become
Factions wrap us, have us lacking rations, taking no actions
No satisfaction
The badges lighting lead matches while they harass us
The enterprise is no prize if our demise is on the other side
We're the hazardous shit that the future won't miss
We'll look back and see all our stances are crimes we've allowed to happen
Time after time we've fallen for their planning
Romulus clamming us up
Walking right into their hands
They're manning the ship, we ain't shit
Taking hit after hit, won't rise, won't even spit
We're selfish and fearful, that's all, that's it
Our online persona's of smiley auras are us as whores thus must be protected for us
We're convinced it's real
We seal the deal regardless of the truth we feel
And kneel before medias yield as they feel out what they think we need to hear and that's what they deal
Hope is gone
Times run out
The bombs will fall
Whether we scream or shout
It's over now
Are we still proud?