Let me begin by saying that all sides are stupid in this #BlackLivesMatter and #WhiteLivesMatter bullshit going on. I do on the other hand blame the black community for allowing this nonsense to start. Had they just calmed the fuck down with the #BlackLivesMatter shit and simply acknowledged that all lives matter, we wouldn’t be stuck with a bunch of white, feminine men, and women disappointed that their lives aren’t better, so for the sake of existing with at least a shred of purpose they’ve begun this stupid #WhiteLivesMatter thing.

And don’t get me wrong, I fully understand that #BlackLivesMatter is truly a part of #AllLivesMatter. I get that. I understand that it’s just saying in other words that black lives matter, too. Not only, and not more, just too. I get that. But it’s stupid. Because blacks aren’t the only ones going through shit.

Stop ALL suffering, not just YOUR suffering you selfish fucks. Even with speech you’ve drawn a line YOURSELVES for others to address you by.

Right, moving on.

Now we’re stuck with the whole other side of jackasses, the white morons who don’t understand their numbers are thinning out through interbreeding of their own choice! It’s not racism’s fault. Although I will admit, there is such a thing as white racism, usually brought on by the black community. Simply assuming all white cops have no good interests towards the black community is bullshit. We’re only shown the bad ones so it looks like that’s the case, but do not let the loud minority represent the quiet majority. BE MORE FUCKING INTELLIGENT THAN THAT! Media controls your ignorant self by feeding you truth, but not all the truth. If you are shown 800 white cops killing black people, but no cops helping them, think hard about how you are being manipulated. Withholding information is just as valid as lying when it comes to convincing someone of what you want.

The same way that there aren’t that many white supremacists and overall racists towards the black community. Don’t get it wrong, there ARE! But it’s nowhere near how the media portrays it. And none of this has anything to do with Trump, either. That is just a crazy, confused, powerless Oldman unwilling to admit he’s incapable of true power. He’s convinced the presidency or money make him powerful, but if it were the case he would have settled. He strives because he knows he stands nowhere. Leave the old guy alone, he’ll eventually tire himself out and sit down or something. The man doesn’t even have the clearance to truly know who’s in charge of the show. He’s a bystander to power, AT BEST.

But the blacks playing the race card instead of acknowledging that the country of the U.S. fucks anyone who it wants over are what got this entire thing started. They listened to the media, which controlled them more than any politician could ever hope to. And were told the injustice was against the blacks. This is the liberal media, just as well as the conservative media has lied to the white community and made them fear the blacks are rising up to knock down power and leave everything in complete chaos. YOU ARE ALL FUCKING BRAINWASHED BY MEDIA.

Here’s a tip: Tune into media from the opposing side once in a while and realize everyone is being lied to by everyone. It’s all made up to serve the purposes of some CEO with real power, hidden somewhere in the shadows running the show and leaving the politicians confused and pinned against each other. Countries confused and pinned against each other. Citizens confused and pinned against each other. The endless war amongst ourselves, to keep us all distracted, to keep us all looking somewhere else while the laws change in the favor of whomever this is, and the world changes in favor of whomever this is.

The biggest prisoners are the billionaires tricked into thinking they are someone of importance and with any power. Trapped in a system where they’ll easily be cast out if they don’t behave a certain way. If they don’t invest in a big enough boat and if they don’t have a trophy enough wife they’ll be laughed away, incapable of making business with those that follow the line. And they’re always living in this fear. They’ve adjusted to the money they have and can’t picture living without it, the change. So they follow these lines and hate themselves. You think you live a meaningless life? How meaningless is life when you are run by a number that isn’t even real?

Achieve perspective and stop thinking your pain is the only pain.

All lives matter, regardless of where they came from, and making a distinction between these lives in any way is immediately pointing out that someone is worth more, otherwise the difference is irrelevant if value is not affected and should go unmentioned. Even if the intention is to simply say “we matter too,” by pointing out the skin difference which shouldn’t matter, you’ve drawn a line. Lines are stupid. Erase them. Stop standing behind them. Stop using them to divide yourselves the way you are expected to do.

Slavery is real, prisons are a place, but the idiot running it is prisoner to his money, which is why their pathetic selves felt the need to go to such an extreme to stay wealthy. The prisoner isn’t the person in the cell, that’s the victim. The prisoner is he who is owned by his property, his reputation and his environment. Those in the cell have free will. They do what they want and get punished for it by those too trapped to do the same. By those too pathetic to think for themselves and realize what they are doing.

Don’t stoop down to the level of some mindless billionaire controlled by their surroundings. By some politician struggling to prove they are someone whist being blocked by every other politician attempting to prove the same thing.

Stand objectively apart from the stupidity, realize #AllLivesMatter and watch all sides of the masses be control by the true intelligence. There are forces of true power greater than Queens and Presidents, greater than Media and Money, and the planet is tricked and manipulated by it.

True power is silent. True power hides in plain sight.

The only thing which can stop the Media, the CEOs and the Politicians from controlling the lives of the masses is for the masses to realize THEY OUTNUMBER EVERYONE and make a difference. Stand together and overthrow EVERYTHING. Whites, Blacks, Asians, BLUES! I DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHERE YOU COME FROM! If you all stand together and take down the liars, you can place truth where you see fit. And the great manipulators know this, so they make you fight amongst each other to avoid the chance that you might unite against the true evil.

There are racists against blacks, but how many have you ever met? There are racists against whites, but how many have you ever met?

In any case, the LGBT deals with more shit than everyone else and I don’t even know where the fuck they rally. They get shit done through unity. The blacks are still struggling because they spend half the time killing each other and complaining about racism instead of acting on it. Same goes for the whites trying to establish that they aren’t monsters. Stop being scared of what the ignorant old idiots around you think and stand with your black brothers. Whether republican or democratic, whether liberal or conservative, ALL these labels were made by someone other than you so that you’d pick one, follow it and fight anyone not under the same label. Don’t be sheep. Don’t take the blue pill, but don’t be a fucking jackass and take the red one either, because THE SAME MOTHERFUCKER IS GIVING YOU THE GODDAMN PILL!


Go fuck yourselves, bunch of brainwashed idiots.

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