The Darkest Day of My Life


I Hope You Remember Me Always
All the good times
All the bad times
When we laughed
When we fought
When we made other people’s life miserable
When we were made miserable by others
When it was the middle of the night and neither of us could sleep so we’d stay up and just stare at each other for hours
When I was locked up and you waited for me
When you were tied up and I rescued you
I hope you always remember
When we’d stuff our faces beyond our limits and want to throw up
Half the time you actually did
Or when we raised Layla together
And we’d watch her try to understand the world
You were overprotective and would panic if she was near anything dangerous
I’d let her roam and figure it out on her own and you’d get angry at me
But you’d back me up when I tried to explain things
And the times I was sad you’d just sit there quiet knowing I didn’t want to talk
You’d just wait until I was fine with me
And when you were sad, well you’d want the same thing
Remember when we first moved in together, just random, we didn’t even know each other but I had a place and you needed a place, and I said so long as you followed the house rules I didn’t mind
And as of the first day you moved in we were just best friends, soulmates immediately and forever…
Heh, we’d subconsciously follow each other from room to room just because we were having a conversation…



I refuse to finish this or edit it.