Dragon Destroyed My Car


Okay, so check it. I saw some shit go down, right?

So, I was chillin’ by my car and shit when I saw a fucking dragon. It was amazing, but I couldn’t really believe I saw a dragon. I figured I was hallucinating so I ignored it. But then it fired a fireball at my car and turned it to shit. So yeah. The cops don’t believe the dragon did it, but I know the dragon did it.

Anyway. I bought a sword a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been using Youtube to figure out how to use it so I can go hunt that dragon. Found a cheap shield on Ebay. It’ll be on the way in a couple of day. Also ordered an armor suit to have a few more defense points and shit.

I tried to find a mage as well, but everyone kept telling me there is no such thing and I found no leads. I gave it up. Taking a wand though. I still remember some of the spells from harry potter, so that’ll help some.