Tic, No Flea


Allow me to interject an intersecting suggestion worth investing in.
Picture this frame of idea: Be a tic pure or flee flea. Superior if need be, but picked fights seed peace, see? Sometimes that’s right.

Kid’s sight taught to fight, not opt to sit. Slight opposite, aight? Knock, knock the shit.

His brain high. Tame, fine. Yet, came night and fight or flight after crime. Same time, saw the light. “Who’s there?”

Thug unconscious by the door.

Kid’s aight. Shook to the core, but he wants more. Blood lust for lasting versus turning to dust when attacked. Poor thug bastard didn’t know he’d get his ass handed fast by a kid.

Kid held tight. Had to fight, but didn’t flee, see? Pure tic, no flea, see?