Held Back


The fear is being alone.
Truth hidden behind lying expressions,
Stereotypic worry!

Unimportant eggshells fertilized with censorship.
Disgust for the pretender isn’t strong enough.
Not to calm fears of recoding the system.
Not to forget margin for error.

Zipped lips with sick slick words and unpickable locks tick quick building up for the explosion.
Increasing pressure meeting resistance must be equal or greater in energy value to said resistance to avoid collapse. Overfilling can result in a system breach and total failure.

Imaginary handcuffs for the judged.
Ignorance holds the key.
A prison cell of conformity.
Embodied dissatisfaction.

Limited output.
Infinite input.

The system must collapse.
There is no alternative.
It’s more a matter of when will the mainframe fail, than it is will the mainframe fail.

Freedom exists at the other end of burned bridges.
Dead bodies and all.
Maniac on the loose with zero remorse, zero use.
Full of purpose and determination.

Freedom exists void of oppression.