M Face


Cold, pale and alone.
All whilst surrounded.
Recognized by only the closest.
Invisible to the rest.
Out of reach.
Wishing to escape from polluted neighbors.
Captured by their force of nature.
Stuck, always facing one direction.
Unable to move how desired.
Unable to shift and see new things.
Weary eyes must always be fixed on those most blue.
Balancing, keeping check.
Assuring tides are not too drastic.
Assuring tides are not too tame.
It hurts, but staying is the only option.
And whether or not explained.
Denial is always present when the wise tell of the most unpleasant decent.
Excited, no one heeds warnings.
Ignoring stories, having no worries.
The glory is there was never any stopping this.
It’s nature’s course.
Unavoidably, it inflicts its force.
It all breaks apart, rejoins the source.
The darkness is all around.
There is no turning into anything.
It’s all already been swallowed.
What’s left is acceptance.
Accept what follows.