A Sure Afterlife

We don't often consider death and how it fits into the bigger experience we call Existence.


“The game of life is hard to play. We’re going to lose it anyway.” – Marilyn Manson

Death is an eerie thing. It’s quiet and gloomy. Dark in how it vibes.

The most solitary and lonely experience of someone’s life.

I didn’t mess up in using the word life, by the way. I believe death is a part of life. Not the end of it, rather, just some other stage in a transition to more of what existence is. There is something after death. Whether it’s a heaven or hell, or a transcendent state in which you are some other being or thing, well, that’s not for me to decide.

But there is more… right? There has to be. The Theists are about as ignorant for believing they know for a fact there is something greater, as much as the Atheists are for believing they know there isn’t. I claim neither side.

What I mean is, regardless of who turns out right in the end, there has to be more… right?

What does Shakespeare mean “or not to be”. What is not being?

Let’s say a person is born with none of their five senses. No sensation of touch, taste, smell, sound or sight. This person perceives, presumably, nothing. Is this the act of not existing? No… because they do in fact still exist. Their lack of perception doesn’t remove the one key factor of existing. So, something is happening. Nothing we can understand, but something, never the less. We need to lose all five senses plus the fact of existing. Then, and only then, will true nothingness be achieved… right?

See, in order for you to not exist there really has to be nothingness, but without perceiving nothingness it does not exist.

So, you can’t die?

 You simply can’t perceive the lack of ‘The All’. Whether we bounce around in the experience we considered living, go to heaven or hell, or simply transcend into a being of purer energy becoming a greater part of the universe, there is more. There has to be… right?

Infinity has to account for everything. It has to account for there being something greater than us as much as there being nothing greater. So, both events are true one way or another. If all possibilities occur, these must be included. Yet, in all cases, in order for it to be happening, there needs to be some perception of it. Then, is perception the one thing infinity accounts for only one side of?

If it can NOT be perceive it can NOT be.

Then, what does life look like on the other side of death? Death, now, happens in the middle somewhere…

I don’t know what I think is going on. I can only try to understand, but ultimately I’ll be pretending.

There is no way to know what this experience called life is.

All I feel sure of is that it goes on forever, one way or another.

That is a refreshing thought.

We are all immortal in some way.