The Interests of a Sociopath

When I originally came up with the idea for this website I wanted to give the world a look at the purest objectivity I could provide, but the problem with this thought is entirely in the word “I”. Anything I do regardless of how relatively objective it is on its own is still subjective to my reality. It’s still my opinion even if it is fact to some degree. The words I use to describe and explain are alone capable of showing subjectivity in my favor. So I’m going to start the second approach for this website now. Instead of not telling you anything about myself, I’m going to let you know as much about me as possible included with my usual junk. I’ll be objective with most of what I do, but now I’ll occasionally throw in a post about me, my personal ideas and thoughts, and even some back story. And this post is no different.

I want to give you a breakdown of some of my likes and dislikes.

I’ll start with my dislikes because the likes are a bit extreme and I feel I should build you up to it.


#1. Cowards. I dislike the people who fear speaking their mind because of what someone else might think of it. This includes the political correctness movement, the language of the spineless. I believe rational thoughts should always come first and emotion should be an intentionally added afterthought. The cherry on top, if I may. Your life experience should not be diminished by someone else’s and this goes for them too. You shouldn’t care what someone believes about your thoughts the same way someone else shouldn’t care what your thoughts are. THEY ARE YOURS! If you are as you as you could be, those that can handle it will magnet to you and those that can’t will phase themselves out over time. I disagree with editing who you are for the sake of someone else’s lack of tolerance, insecurities, or fears. None of that shit is the problem for someone that’s not on either side. I’m the only thing I should be worried about.

#2 Repetitive stupidity. This mostly goes for jackasses that can’t seem to figure the human constant, which is: Once someone has successfully gotten away with something, they will try it again. This is how I end up at a single chance and no more. Human nature dictates repetitive nature, but idiots don’t catch on. Person gets cheated on, forgives, and gets cheated on again, except the guilty party knows how to hide it better now. Physical abuser physically abuses and is forgiven only to do it again down the line. Liars continue to lie and flirters continue to flirt. You get the idea. Why continue to delude yourselves? This brings us back to #1. Think rationally first and allow your emotions in only after you’ve come to a conclusion as to whether they even belong or not. And I assure you, in all these cases, it’s not needed.

#3 A play on #2, monogamy. We are an animal like every other animal. This includes our sexual practices, and like most animals we are not naturally monogamous. This takes us back to #1. If we are rational then sexual behavior becomes a separate act from relationships and leads us to a calculated decision. Now, do not get me wrong, I don’t believe everyone should fuck everyone. If you want to do that its fine, but be aware of your circumstance. I believe in the rules of commitment. You and your partner/s decide whether or not you are sexually exclusive, or whether or not you are even in anything romantic or just sexual. If an open relationship makes sense then it does and if it doesn’t it doesn’t. Sometimes you’ll have two people who disagree with what is what, so you bring it down to the rules of commitment. You decide repeatedly through the relationship what makes most sense. Yes, he might want to fuck a couple of other ladies and sure she thinks sex is personal between couples and that should be good enough. The commitment is the agreement that they both refer to. For example, a woman who refuses to have sex with current partner has no say in the matter unless her partner agrees to a sexless existence. Otherwise, she doesn’t fuck him, he should be allowed to fuck something. And if she doesn’t agree then it should be perfectly acceptable for him to move on into a scenario that provides everything he needs and she isn’t included. This is the rational mind adding emotions later, after the logical choice has been made. Divorce is only stupid because marriage was first. Shit changes, don’t commit to something that CANNOT stay the same over the course of a lifetime. Who you married ten years ago is not who you are married to ten years later.

I believe the rules of commitment only make sense when both sides have constant dialogue, because relationships do change over time and the original agreement might change. Let’s say this woman was sexually active with her partner at the start so the agreement was to have exclusive sex, but when she stops having sex with him she changed the rules of commitment and now he has to respond to said change. Communication would have an ever evolving rule set.

#4 I strongly dislike the government that the USA uses to manipulate and control its people, but I also hate the liberal agenda and pride they have on the ignorant masses. Yes, the government is shit, terroristic, manipulating, doesn’t care about its people but loves the idea of controlling them, treats the poor like shit and the rich like gods and favors the white population. All is true. But liberal jackasses who want everything to be pc and want to moderate what people say, what people do, when it’s okay to say or do this… Sounds familiar… Oh right, sounds like the government I just mentioned. Using the fear of shaming or imprisonment because of thoughts or opinions. Sooo… Yeah, both sides are hypocrites. Maybe what I hate is the idea that anything can choose what any other thing gets to do or say in their experience of reality. It’s stupid and people allow it to happen. I don’t believe the two party system works; it’s outdated and it needs to be changed, but as of now we have nothing better. I also believe the people are not educated enough and are too emotional to run things themselves. Which leaves us at a standstill caused by sheer stupidity.

#5 Government help. It creates lazy people. It gives opportunity to those that are unwilling to go through the struggle. Sit down and get those coupons and government checks and you don’t need to go out and work. I believe the only people who should be allowed to get government checks should also be working full time jobs and still not be making rent. Can’t walk? Sit at a fucking desk. Your arms hurt too much to type or write? Answer some goddamn phone calls. Be a fucking security guard and sit down doing nothing all day if you have to. Waiting for the government checks is the easiest way to ruin a country. No one is so fucked they can’t do shit at all, and if that is the case, this person should be in a home or at a hospital, motionless and incapable of doing anything because jobs are infinite in type. Too many people have settled for the charity of the country and refuse to contribute.

Now let me mention a couple of things I do like:

#1 People unafraid to be themselves. Blunt, direct, honest. If you love to have sex? Well, fuck what people say or think of that shit, go fuck whoever you’d like, stay safe, you don’t need to be married if you don’t believe in that because what someone else believes is just as valid as what you believe and if they are free to say their god or morals say it’s bad to do so, then your lack of a god or different morals says that it’s okay.

You like violent movies and games but you don’t spend all day murdering people? Well fuck it, watch and play all you want because people are idiots and promote the shit anyways so it’s doing well to some degree.

Want to sell your body? Then fucking do it, if a comedian can sell his jokes, if a porn star can sell her tapes, if a massage therapist can sell her skills then feel free to sell your body and profit, too. The shit is only illegal because of religious people affecting the division of house and state.

Drugs? Go do drugs. Do them all! Do none! It’s your body; feel free to do whatever you want with it. No one has the right to say what you can and cannot do with your own body. Even if they think they do.  I also apply this to suicide. People are allowed to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes which are essentially slow versions of suicide and that’s okay but if you try to do it all in one swoop it’s frowned on? Go suck a dick. That’s fucking stupid. Kill yourself if you like. It’s your life you are working with and only your life, no one else’s.

#2 Logic, logic, logic. Nothing is black and white. Things are Greyer than you might think.  So think and think and think. Everything is information to some degree and if you take it as so you’ll have a better life experience. Don’t judge first, observe, understand, calculate, then apply your interpretation but don’t start at what you think of something. Start at what said something is without thought, what is it regardless of who’s looking, what is the fact about said thing or topic and then what is your truth about this fact. Imagine how different this country would be if we didn’t have colors and titles attached to the republican and democratic parties. Imagine if we didn’t know what side each individual served but rather had to figure it out entirely based on what they say and promise. Then, we are forced to think about it because we have no color or title to get emotional about. We can be wrong when we don’t know. Do you only vote republican? What if you found out you agreed mostly with a democrat… then what? Is that the end of your world or did you discover that both sides had something interesting to say and you agreed most with a man in blue, or vice versa and discover you agreed with the man in red?

#3 People with “psychological disorders” because they believe it’s just a different type of personality the same way I do. Why does perceiving the universe differently have to be a disorder? As if any of us know for a fact what anything is. As if any of us know for a fact that everyone else perceives the universe the same way we do to judge what is right or broken. When you have a psychological disorder, your reality is different and many learn to function undetected in public because it is just a way of seeing the world. Maybe there are higher dimensions and a schizophrenic simply has the ability to perceive life in them. Maybe someone catatonic’s consciousness is simply leaving their body to another like Astor projection. What if dissociative identity disorder is no more than multiple souls inhabiting one body? There is no way to know shit about shit, and when you have these “disorders” you are just someone too unique to understand, and these people know it best.

#4 Manipulation. Everyone tries to do it every second of every day. It’s how anything gets done. Someone has to either do it themselves or convince someone else to do it. It’s one of realities constants. And I believe if you are better at it than others, use it more than others. Advance yourself at the expense of those around you because everyone is trying to do the same. This goes back to being honest about who you are and doing what you want. Fuck the other people, they are no one in the greater scheme of things, just like you. It’s a matter of giving life a purpose and those who find the most purpose and use their skills best find themselves at the top. That’s all there is and all there will ever be.

#5 Writing. There is something unique about writing that can’t be achieved in any other medium without bleeding some emotion into it. Even if I try to add emotion to writing, it’s not like a face where you can read my reactions and deduce what is between the lines based on how or what I’m saying. It’s not like a painting that uses a unique look given by the artist. It’s common. It is letters used by anyone speaking the same language, arranging the same words, no pictures, no expressions, just the words. The people on the other end add what they want when it comes to emotions and meaning. “I love my cat” makes you think warm and lovely until I point out that she ruins the couch, scratches my arms, and just knocked down the lamp. Now I say “I love my cat” and it’s sarcastic. But without the added information, both what you thought and what I meant are true. And that is something unique to a scene with no picture, with no added information other than the written one. No tone to my voice affects the writing.

That’s basically how my mind works on some of these topics. Some of my likes and dislikes. I hope it helps better explain the material I’ve already put up and will continue to put up. I feel like the big thing I left out is my obsession with Yin-Yang. I like things that are a mixture of opposites, it’s why I’m drawn to Sarcasm or Comedic Horror. They are more than the individual parts that make them.

By Jack Thomas