Mother Nature


The white
Mother Nature
Gone Black like the night
Spot on tips learned over time
Trails of blue thoughts, wants and desires
Hopes to come true

The page
Mother Nature
Changed from her natural state
Splashed with ink blasted
Crossed out and tossed her
Writing in pen
Lost rhythm
Decided to begin again
Switched tools
Use the fine-tuned
With the refined tip
The slimmest finest line yet
Blue pen for my thoughts, wants, desires and regrets
Hopes and dreams
Lies and failed attempts

This notebook ripped from inside a tree
Mother Nature’s heart
Morphed and turned into a freak by comparison
What she used to be
Natural elegance swapped for the fine-tuned eye of a designer
Dying to make it big for a writer to pick it up and buy it
This piece of god to create his own world on
Mold it like clay with ink and tell a story all wrong
A world with hopes and dreams
Thinking people and personalities
Regrets and disasters
People willing to pull together for the better
And when the ink runs out
And the story is told
Through lies, failed attempts and restarts