In the hood
Curiosity is punished
The cat suffers
Nature is crushing
But strive is powerful
Questions come across as judgement
The silence bothers but teachers
Concern is nitpicking
Advice is pride
Quiet and sitting
Dismissing one another
Opinions are fact
Diminished voices fear rejection
A pattern
Just like that
Find the wrong words
Intersecting points of doubt
Hide and seek to the right moves and choices
Left behind
Stopped walking
To stand in line
Too hip to hop off
Dropped and lost
Weighing the cost
Of bad and worse
The body or the driver of the hearse
Where the trigger is first pulled
Or where the bullet last stopped
Run or call the cops
The prideful thug one moment
The coward when things get hot
Regret and questions
How could this happen?
Denial helps cope
Rinse repeat
The thug never grows
Rinse repeat