American Youth


Confused with what to do when they refuse to stand up for truth
Corrupted weak youth aloof from what’s true
They don’t need proof when the media says who’s who
Consumed by their call to righteousness they’ll doom us all with their inactive shit

This offends you?
Well, who the fuck are you?
I decide what I find true the same way you do!
Can’t handle it?
Hand it over if you can’t stand it!
You stand for shit anyway.

You spit crap when your whack mouth flaps in an attempt to reenact the thoughts you thought you had but you didn’t consider that none of that was actual fact because you didn’t have proof and that’s the fact.

Time is wasted when your mouth is open because your words came broken
Thoughts stolen through propaganda for controlling
Stay home with your phone filling up your dumb dome and continue to not know
Eat what your fed by the same people who want you dead