Paranoid Drugs


Tap that needle in the vein
The bullshit in my brain erases
All the sketchy and shady faces
Places these itches have taken me are crazy
Vaguely remember reasons for tasting these aces

And I don’t know why
At times like this when I’m high
They say I philosophize
But I just like to criticize
Won’t pretend to pick a side
Whether its live or die
If it’s not to me then I don’t mind

Let tragedies happen
I’ll buy tickets
I’ll stand in line
Even if I wanted to help
I could barely help myself when it was time

Don’t know what they’re saying when they’re saying that I’m woke
‘cause I spend all day in bed and I spent my whole life broke

Didn’t wake up for shit
Quit pretending I did
It’s not my fault that you fell
Got caught in the trap
Living a personal hell
Unable to crawl back


Still asleep in bed
Not woke
The headache attacks my dreams instead
Still broke
Won’t hope for a break
Shit’s fake anyway
And any mistake that I might make
Blame it on refusal to take the time
To learn the right way

I’m high so I’m paranoid
Thinking that they’re after me
Disasters that I see hallucinations
They just have to be

These drugs got me thinking that we’re being pinned against each other
Another fucker benefiting from our distracted brothers
Undercover agents sent to tear us apart for ages from within
Like we’re in some fucking matrix thing

But I’m high and probably going to die of an overdose
Hopefully this time it’s over I hope
They keep reviving me thinking I want to control the revolution
The evolution of humanity
I just want to go before I lose my sanity
I’m pretty sure this boredom is killing me
And won’t it go back to how it used to be the moment I’m gone anyway, though?

I’m convulsing and my paranoia tells me education is fraud meant to keep the masses in the dark while general Zod sends Robocop to kill Aladdin overseas. Reason? He had a wand.

I’m in and out of consciousness and the nonsense coming in and out of my mind is botched as shit
I wake up on a medical table this time
I’m mad that I’m back
But shit
I’m used to it
They refuse to back away
And I’m pissed
So I hit all of them
Call the cops
Successfully escape

Aces and spades
Straight to my veins
And I fade
And I fade
And I fade

My skin crawls as hallucinations brawl
Over who gets control
Over it all
Until I come down from being so tall

And I feel lied to
Gun to my lips
Finally decide to quit
Even if I don’t get to enjoy the exit
I’ll live with it
I pull the trigger and a little flag pops out
Reads “You owe Sam tax”
I scream and I shout