The Hypocrites


Starving children won’t stop the American dream
Expensive media, nice things
Equality, freedom of choice
For the women making the most noise
Same ones not giving dads a voice
The wealthiest? How dare those thieves help themselves!
But poor? Entitled lazy freeloader, there’s the door
White president murders the residents
I wasn’t present when it happened
But they said it did
And no evidence hints to things being different
So it must be true
The word must get out
People deserve to know
Spread what’s here now and worry about getting the rest out later
Can’t stay here inactive waiting to hear the facts when someone else is already out there
Fair is only fair and it’s only fair when it’s right here
If it’s not it’s nowhere
There’s nothing else out there
Don’t fall for the nonsense
Be woke like all the others who spoke about things they don’t know
No research needs to go into anything, bro

Now when the fuck did our thoughts start to rot to the point that it’s gotten
Something went wrong when choices came along
Blue and red, it’s all the same shit
The purple pill academy, bullshit and insanity straight to the head where its meant to be
A basic school rivalry designed to be advancing the machine
But if someone knows better I didn’t get the memo or letter
And this bitter weather
It’s become whatever

So Whatever