Two Birds Story

Once upon a time, there was a southern bird who was raised as if he doesn’t have wings! When he was young, he was taught that it’s safer to stay in the cage until he knows how to use his wings! He enjoyed watching the sky from inside his cage, but never dared to get out of it.

Growing up, he always had these thoughts of how it feels if he stepped outside and tried to look at the sky without seeing these parallel linear metals interrupting his vision, but he never tried to risk his safety.

For many times, he tried to push his peak in-between the pins, but unfortunately he never had a clear bright view of the sky.


At one night, he decided to try to use his wings; “I was created with wings for a reason”, he thought. He stepped out of the cage, and for the first time in his life, he sees the sky clear with no parallel metals.

He feels that he belongs to the sky, but he has no idea how to use these extensions out of his body that commonly called wings!

Frustrated about flying, he interpreted it as a big failure and hated this out-of-the-cage experience. He regretted it and eventually encaged himself again with no future intentions to step out again.


Growing up, with the memory of the metalless sky that he spent too much time occupied by, he decided to try. He decided to try to use his wings inside the cage, hoping to learn how to fly. Hoping to learn how to fly one day in this limitless blue sky!

Unfortunately, The cage didn’t give him neither the space nor the freedom to fly, even though, he enjoyed all these fantasies about trying, moving his wings and flying, but in a cage!


At one shiny morning, he stepped out, he stepped out thinking that moving his wings inside a cage qualifies him to fly!

He looked once again at the amazing view of the metalless sky, took a deep breath, and jumped up high, as high as he can while moving his wings fast and hard, but his legs landed back very soon to the ground!

This time, he interpreted the-out-of-cage experience as a try, not as a failure, though he felt that he’s not yet ready to fly, and convinced himself that he prefers his safe tiny cage over this spacious sky! He ended up voluntarily in the cage again!


At another night, and while he was enjoying one of his fantasies that he kept virtually experiencing about flying, the cage moved up in the sky, like if he’s flying without wings. It landed in a different spot. A different world with new rules for using wings!

Here in the north, it’s allowed to use wings! It’s encouraged to use wings as long as it helps growth and building self-esteem!

For the first few days, he had hard time adjusting and preferred to stay in his safe cage and enjoy his fantasies while observing all the other birds enjoying flying in the sky! At the same time, he wished that one of these flying birds teach him how to fly, but he never asked because of his fear of rejection! And why to ask to fly if he can virtually do it!


Few days passed, he decided to step out; he didn’t want to regret later having the chance to fly and not making the best of it.

He stepped out, looked at the same spacious sky that covers the south and the north, looked at his feet and then up, then he started to jump. He kept jumping by the cage while all the other birds flying around!

And suddenly, out of no where, a beautiful colorful flying northern bird landed near his cage.


With his heart racing and without thinking, he kept jumping around hoping to get her attention but she kept herself busy exploring his cage, or at least that what he thought!

Unexpectedly and without overthinking, he decided to get out of his comfort zone, risk his safety and ask her to teach him to fly.

He approached her trying to make some magical strikes of his wings in the air that he thought might impress her, but she flew away!


Instead of encaging himself again, he thought she’s not the only colorful bird out there, so he kept jumping around the cage!

And at the very moment he was about to give up and go back to the cage, the beautiful colorful bird showed up again.

This time, she gave him a wing, patiently teached him the power of his wings, wisely turned his fantasies into reality, taught him to fly and enjoyed the sky with him!


Now, the southern bird knows how to fly, but he don’t enjoy the sky without her by his side!

He has some moments when he gets hesitant if he’s really interested in flying or in this colorful northern bird who makes the sky a haven! But he knows that he enjoys flying with her, this spacious space is only called a sky when she is flying by his side!

He can’t imagine what to do if his cage flew again and landed somewhere else far away! But he now knows to fly, so he can always fly back and leave his cage behind.


Day after another, his flying skills improves which qualifies him to fly by any other colorful flying bird in the sky if he wants to!

But he is still interested in this patient beautiful northern bird who gave him a wing one day, taught him to fly, and makes the metalless sky enjoyable!

By Anonymous

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