Thunder Woman

Always mad mermaid girl (with hair of red)

Sad because her thunder-bird played dead

And In her ear it fed

Her lies, it said;

You do not do, you do not do

A mantra for the manic mind

A skewed perception here you may find,

the inner inception is marble heavy -

filled a bag of god but inside we’re empty.

While luna sacrifices with her cancerous-pallors

eating men like air with black sweet blood mouthfuls

there beneath the bloody trap you’ll see

these hoods of bone don’t shine for we.

Lasso the neck for love is gone-

In the house of barn, the calm will come

put down your swords, the battle is won

The jar consumes the chime of the bell, enclosed or loud; we’re going to hell

Ding- dong! Ding- dong! It’s too much we yell,

scared because we don’t know what’s real

just sometimes we do feel

that a terrible fish does dance within

the pool of silver we live in.

It’s not just the shaking hot, aguey tendon

warm like Hiroshima ash or two friends eating in

We don’t feel right, it it’s not happening,

not with you, nor him, nor him.

Hark! Now we hear them!

A body of accomplishments

eats the last of our oxygen

outlaw all extrapolation, here's my manic depression-

my white troubled serpent;

she isn’t theatrical, no this is an accident-

It’s psychological, this isn’t malevolent

though no,

we aren’t innocent

without the white of the ocean

we drown in the sin,

the sin.

She was, she was, she was 

clear eyed and troublous

wrung her hands most precocious

threw herself down on the ground

crying because she couldn’t focus

saw that little stalk without wrinkle- it was her own golden lotus.

Her fond heart charred as any matches

mind poured content into patches

with reality she soon detached from us;

while staring out upon the zest top

shuffling to the edge and flying off; her first thought

our fair Sylvia stood back and thought 

“I ought not”,

still she climbed out the window and peeled off her napkin

that up-and-down tumultuous pattern.

soon tore off her clothes and gave them up to the nurses,

killed herself in a blast and said; “Hope this doesn’t curse us.”

Just then said her clear eye, dripping and porous;

“I dreamt it true when I said that you bewitched me into bed.

I wish I’d loved my thunder bird instead-

but here we are, it’s the cauldron of morning-

my violent fish ripples like a creel of eels

so hear this, my forewarning;

With one too many dimensions to enter,

a spiritual Caesar smiles hooks through the bird in my center-

The cat is out, the children aren’t hungry

If aged I’m a lake, what- wet- was the young me?

Teddy Ted Ted, I hate you, don’t leave me

guess what, believe me-

kiss my ass, boy you dreamed me

you never did need me

well, now I am care free

should’ve gassed you instead-

the plum to your fruit tree,

hope you’re feeling well fed

miss my idiosyncrasies

now our fruit is your duty

the leaves are a beauty, but watch where you tread

these roots aren’t lain loosely

it’s the way we are bred,

Oh, our sweet bees are growing profusely!

I’m not that unruly- I got milk and bread-

So go and plant me a fig tree, how’s it taste

now I’m dead?”

The clear vowels tightened around him like a fat gold watch, it was clever;

It was nobodies and had nothing to do with exploding balloons- (no it never).


By Jasmine Dine


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