Sewing the Sacred Hymen

Being a notable woman

Might seem like a great caption.

But, it is difficult

To capture how we feel as a woman.

Our existence is questioned

And we often question,

Why our bodies are treated like sacred instruments?

We can't pursue any sexual intentions.

We need to keep our sacred hymen sewed

So as to register ourselves as asexual,

Till we are forced into a legally contractual labour assignment called marriage.

Accredited stereotypes we often cross-question remain unanswered

Like our fantasies,

Which remain undiscovered.

The world is gruesome for Women

Who have participated in making history

Which is yet to be written.

Sewing the sacred hymen for fulfilling

Residual processes of patriarchy

Is unwillingly spurned into threads of women's lives.

We are unapologetically cruel

In shredding humanity.

There's no equality.

But, we would still choose to maintain our dignity and stay eccentric.

By Anupreeta Chatterjee