Midnight Run

Under the soft white glare of the moon
I watched you saunter out of my door, my life, to soon
The memories of you linger like your cologne
That helps mask the feeling of you being gone, me alone
I roam the house hearing your laughter
I miss our playful banter

If only you would have stayed with me that night
But only the moon seen that tragic sight
The black marks on the road is all that gives testimony
The stars where the only witness to the ceremony
Of the Grim Reaper's touch
As your spirit he clutched
He escorted you away from the pain
Your car had skidded and flipped in the rain
My life will never again be the same

Into this new reality I am hurled
Despair now encompasses my world
Scalding tears violently descending
Unbearable grief remains unending

How will I live without my missing parts
You have my heart
You have my soul
Never again whole 

In you I had finally found my bliss
I found my missing passion in your kiss
I found my joy for life in your arms
You chased away my demons with your charms
Your laughter repaired my broken heart
Your love making was a piece of art
Your words comforting in the middle of my despair
They were what I'd inhale
They were my air
Your heart was what made my blood circulate
How, oh how could this be our fate

Why did you have to go out that night
Why didn't I go with you, because this isn't right

©Pauline Morris

By Pauline Morris

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