Don't Cry for Notre Dame

Feeling moved by Notre dame.. but the priority to fix it seems overboard.


Don't cry for me I am Notre Dame, I am just a building, with all the money raised, give to the POOR, and all the REFUGEES, for I am old and the fame is not helping any one at ALL.. I once was worshipped and did stand TALL. But let the help in funds, go to all those in NEED.. Money to buy what is needed for all those to FEED.. The World is in need of Charity and HOPE.. Please I am just stone and wood, I will be able to COPE. Fame and fortune are an Illusion you SEE.. Don't worry about fixing this old Cathedral called Notre Dame, which is ME.. GOD is wanting this WORLD gone MAD.. to find the Faith and Peace in his original PLAN....

By Leah Pallaris

From: Australia