Billionaires Pay The Wall

Billionaires Pay The Wall

Raised rising

Ecstasy, rays, lightning

Frightening the size of the divide, the wall

Exciting, getting off, fighting

Beating the law, dying, drying

Autumn crumbles the humble

Kite flying, red eyed

Fiends for for green presidents

Bodies stack, relevant, payoff for the hell of it

Bar the tan, prison, uncle Sam

No hands given, bands and cuffs

Vans driven by the man, tough luck

Payless labor, the slaver filled with tricks

Slave work, catches the dipshits

Favors he says, slips up


Fiddle with Riddles

Meddling with shit settled

Better vote, but don’t matter

No hope, the game got broke

Gettin’ sadder, rigged

The pigs know the jig

Lit cigs, watch slick on tower tips

Small dicks, compensate

It’s their fate

McGriddles for the obese villains

Diseased overgrown children

In power, they need ridding

May the blue learn

Their blue balls burn

The truth’ll win

By Mark Delaware