Barefoot - Healing the Inner child

Down wet, rocky steps
Cooling the fire in my heels, 
My heart, my soul
The Ocean inviting
Blue, green
And somewhere in between
Waves caressing
Gently washing away
All that's been hurting
Salmon rays of dawning Sun
Spilling Love
Me, the Ocean..just one

What do I feel? What do I feel? 
Alone, but not lonely…..longing, but not unfulfilled…naked, but not unadorned. 

A mish-mash. What DO I feel? 
I feel like this is where I belong, in the embrace of an infinite Ocean of love. The briny taste is inviting me to spill my own salty tears. Now I know why the Ocean is saline!! Others have been here before. Others who were also me. 

But this is about you, not about them. 
Try again...What do you feel? 
I feel love.. almost more than what my heart can hold. For my child. But there is more love there. For more children. Children that I did not have, maybe? ...Hold on…. this is not about your child, not about other is about you, remember? There is no one here, just me and you, and my gentle waves that leave no part of you untouched, so don't deflect.

Now tell me...What do you feel?
Who is that child you feel so much love for, who are all those children? 
Warmish, pink, orange sun rays bathe me in their light, and it more darkness....They are all me!!!

Yes, you are the child that needs that love. You are the adult that needs to give it. The Sun is here to warm you, heal you, soothe you so you can then reach inside of you and give it all to that child. She is waiting to be acknowledged, accepted, revered. She was left to wield too much too soon - her small vulnerable dreams blown away like a dandelion, replaced by patterns of escape. Hands that once reached for stars handed down a few fire files for her mason jar. Visions of riding into wild on a white horse reduced to a trotting beast of burden - a burden left behind by generations hoping to heal through her. She needs you to help her, and to help them all!

All those children…..they are all her ...and all those generations who came before her. She is scattered in fragments that are tinged with murky colors of guilt, shame, pain. They are pieces of a puzzle, she needs you to help put together, so both of you can revel in the bigger picture. 
She set up this labyrinth for herself before she came, not knowing what a trap it might be! Remind her that the ideal world around her with families that are perfect, healthy, happy are not as complete as they seem. Everyone is fighting their battles, hurting, healing, living, moving. Give her my message - “You are special. You were gifted the gift to feel a little more so you could dive in me a little deeper than others around you.

Heal the inner child in my blue, in my green and somewhere in between.


By Shilpa K