I Knew So Much About This Place

Laughter in the air

Drinks in hands

Chatter here and there

I knew so much about this place when it was here

Some of the happiest moments of my life

Hearing the dominos hit each other as my mom shuffles them across the table

Sitting right across from me is my sister

Her face is down while petting little Bruce

The cool air hitting my face

On this beautiful summer night

The main source of light we have is from the moon being up so high

This is a place I knew so much about

This is the place where some of the happiest moments were lived

Loud music blasting from the small radio we have

Always some type of Spanish music playing with my dad trying to sing along with it

I have the dominos in my hands thinking what should be my next move

Beating my parents in at least one game would always be my goal

We would play for hours on end

Never wanting to go back in

Enjoying the company of each other

I knew so much about that place

The place of summer nights in my backyard

Playing dominos with my family

If I only go back to that place

The place with the chatter here and there

The drinks in our hands

And laughter in the air

If only I can go back to that place I knew so much about


By Maddy Cakes