The truth shall...


You’re a master of disguise the way you hide from your truth. Failing to realize that truth is no sucker. It does not like to be ignored. It will hunt you down and drag you into the light as everything eventually comes. You can try and fight it, but it will haunt you. Nightmares plaguing your sleep, guilt disturbing your waking thoughts. The more you push it off the more it tries to find a way in demanding to be heard. The noblest creatures will be blessed by its presence while the wicked cower at its sight. Unable to handle its power you run but you cannot escape fate. It will catch up to you, it WILL find you. Maybe not right now, maybe not even a year or two from now, but eventually and inevitably. I promise you. Even if you manage to dip and dodge it, and die a lie, the truth will meet you in the afterlife waiting for compensation. It always cashes in its checks taking them all the way to the bank never missing a deposit, raking in big bucks on authenticity. Live a life seeking it out instead of being chased by it or you will never know the sense of fulfillment. Find it before it finds you and it will indeed set you free.