The Hunt


Exploring the very fine line between love and lust... 


Instincts kick in the instant
I get a whiff of him
We circle each other hungrily
His essence predatorial 
Matching my eagerness for the hunt
Flames burn in the depths of my yearning belly
The warmth melting away an icy shield
His heat sets the bars ablaze around us
Yet his presence keeps the fire at bay
My curiosity gets the best of me
I get up close to marvel at this beast

Aware that he may consume me
On a whim at a moment’s notice
Out of wonder for what I taste like
I’ve never met such a creature before
But I can feel what he is capable of
I do not need to hear him roar
To acknowledge the strength in his diction
He speaks victory into existence with power
Enough power to motivate mountains to move
I’m drawn in by his massive frame
A build that would make any man cower
But I am no mere man and we are no mere mortals
Our spirits collide swiftly igniting sparks on impact
The air comes alive with excitement and desire
Bodies sway to the beat of our passion

Time takes a break to revel in the ritual
For never has it witnessed the thrill of the chase
Such as this