Say What You Mean


Before you use the mouth, you might want to work the brain.



But, what?

Stop contradicting yourself and say what you mean.

And mean what you say.

And don’t be mean when you say it.

It’s really not that complicated, but I guess some people just never learn.

Ahh, there goes that but again.

Scratch that.

I take that but back.

It’s simple.

Quite simple.

Think before you speak.

Ask yourself the right questions.

Play your own devil’s advocate.

Check your logic before your madness dribbles out like word vomit,

Asinine acid melting the brains of bystanders susceptible to your babble.

Make sense.

Address and assess your thoughts. Put them in alphabetical order.

Arrange them from big to small, or most to least vibrant.

Become familiar with them so that they are not strangers.

And the feelings associated with them not foreign.

So that when you introduce them to someone else,

You are confident in your expression.

Because you’ve done the work to understand what they are

And what they mean. So, you know how to articulate.

The frustration of being misunderstood eliminated by careful communication.

So that you may say what you mean, no hesitation.

And mean what you say; self-affirmation.

And not be mean when you say it: peace preservation.