Properly Swim


It's never too late to learn...



Swimming in a sea of emotions and I’m drowning.

I never learned how to properly swim.

I always half-assed, doggy-paddled and

pulled myself through, barely making it, by the

skin of my teeth. I never practiced. I never tried

to learn. I guess I always expected someone to take

on the burden and teach me, or simply save me.

To throw me a life line when it all was just too much

for me. Until I became so co-dependent on others to

pull me out of the murky abyss – that I never learned

how to properly swim. I can skate, dance, and trample

over the waves crashing down around me, but what

good are any of those things when you are drowning?

I panic and gasp once I realize that, alas, I’m doing it

all wrong. I know that I am capable and I’m certain

that I’m strong, but it’s all for naught if I never learn

how to properly swim. It must come from within. It

doesn’t matter if I’m surrounded by boats and

scapegoats, I’ll only be grasping onto false hope with

no real mechanisms to cope if I don’t learn

how to properly swim.