Stay humble...

Stand tall even when they make you feel small
You are bigger than what you’re perceived to be
An ant carrying ten times its weight
An unstoppable force to be reckoned with
People will try and diminish your strength
Your power making them feel weak
Insecurities seeping from their pores
Leaking a most unwelcoming stench
Forcing fake smiles to conceal the bitterness
Envy taking precedence and consuming joy
Slowly rotting from the inside out
Reaching desperately for a quick fix
Only seeking relief when joined in sadness
The misery loving the company
Don’t be tempted to join them
It’s far easier to be angry than have compassion
But the backlash only justifies their jealousy
Try telling them that you’re sorry instead
You’re sorry they feel less-than
That your success makes them feel like failures
And that they don’t have the skills to cope
But never apologize for being great
It is not a crime to be your best self
Whether people can handle it or not
Continue growing and showing them
You are far greater than the trivial travesties
They try so hard to attach to you