You can count on me says everyone ever. But when it’s time to redeem the offer they simply don’t deliver. People often talk just to hear themselves speak. Weak characters happily patronizing the meek. Leaking empty words with no validity unconcerned about where they land. Jaded from grasping air when reaching for helping hands. No one really gives a fuck that’s the harsh reality. Pegging your paranoia on possible insanity. Preaching blood ties to cover up lies when feigning for favors. Offering IOU’s and I’ll pay you back later’s. God as a witness family links don’t mean shit when it comes to business. Selling you dreams for a quick buck then questioning your distrust. Well guess what?

Remove me from your speed dial, the connection isn’t worth it. The number you have reached is no longer in service.  Don’t depend on me to be there consider me a ghost. For all the times you failed me when I needed you the most. No time for pretenses of dependability, the instability disturbing my tranquility. I’d much rather be alone, left to my own devices, than fronting for the camera trying to mask my vices. Too busy trying to cheat people to see my loyalty is priceless. A person of their word, like me, is rare but I’m done with all the niceness. I only play fair until I fail to care, and I’m there, can you tell? When they ask me how I fare with fakeness tell them, I, ‘farewell’.