Eternal Elevation


Take control of your mind and meditate, let your soul gravitate to the love, y'all" - Black Eyed Peas


Everyone serves their purpose in your life. Whether to teach you things you didn’t know about yourself or whether to confirm the things you do. When you approach life from this perspective it makes it much less devastating. When people leave it will not be interpreted as a loss, but a fulfillment of their purpose rather. When someone betrays you, it will not be viewed as a great injustice, but simply as an example of a persona that does not work well with yours. It will be life’s personal demonstration of how hurt people hurt people and how maybe you should stay away from like-minded individuals. After all, betrayal, rejection, abuse is rarely a reflection of you. People are seldom disloyal because you are underserving of loyalty, but because they do not know how to be. Or have been betrayed so much themselves that they, in turn, are untrusting and unfaithful.

Trauma can absolutely have a devastating impact on the human psyche’, however; it does not need to be the thing that breaks you. It can be the very thing that elevates you to a higher plane of growth and understanding. You may meet someone who will show you that despite your negative experiences there is good in the world. That there are people out there who want to make you smile requesting nothing in return. There are people who will feel your pain without you ever having to shed a tear: by absorbing the energy that you put out into the world and sending you positive vibrations in return. People who just seem to “get you” without saying much, without constant explanation or validation. They will be sent to you by some “random” coincidental stroke of luck meeting you at the perfect moment in time, but there is no such thing as random coincidence. Things happen because they are meant to, because every experience serves its purpose in your life as well.

The problem arises when you choose to ignore the lesson and fixate on the person or event instead. As creatures of habit we tend to hold onto familiar people, places, and things even if they have made us feel bad or have caused us turmoil. It is almost laughable how silly it is that we cannot let go of the negativity in our lives even though it is what damages us most. How effective it is to change your mind frame and adapt new perceptions if the ones that you have been using no longer suit you. Or do not aid in the achievement of personal goals, self-love, or positivity. The process is not an easy one, but it is undeniably most rewarding. It requires real work, raw honesty, and radiating good intention. The laws of the Universe, of Karma and such, will not reward malice. Always remember this.

Human beings love to project themselves as the strongest most dominant species on Earth when (in actuality) we are the most sensitive, volatile, and reflectively weak beings to have ever been created. We are infinitely lost in our own meaningless madness that we often fail to realize the bigger picture. That we are more than just ourselves. We are more than our own thoughts, wishes, desires, and problems. We are all interconnected on distinct levels including the ones that we cannot readily see. When you actively work to elevate your mind, you will experience life from a completely different viewpoint. And in doing so, the Universe will open its doors to you paving the way for higher thinking and emotional expression. When you block out knowledge, truth, companionship, and yes, even pain such as that felt from sadness, you stunt your ability to grow to your fullest potential making you frail in comparison to those who have.

Despite your struggles; your interactions with hurt people who project that misery onto you, do not let it make you bitter, cold, or cruel. Understand that people are fickle and fragile and so are you. Be gentle with yourself and others. Be open to constructive criticism and change. Do not shut out everyone because one person chose to take advantage as it is irrational to believe that you do not need anyone. We all need each other. As humans we all need that sense of closeness, connection, and community. You will block your own blessings if you do. The loneliness will find a way to creep in and you will not feel whole without meaningful relationships built upon positive relations. Let go of the past to make way for a brighter future and most importantly, love you enough that when someone else does not, you are able to let them go too.