A Real Man


Lust is a lonely place. Real love takes a real man...


It has been my experience that some men are only nice on the contingency of sex. If the notion of intimacy is out of the picture, then so is common courtesy it seems and chivalry. Why is it that men are so sex-driven? Primal survival mechanism to keep our species alive perhaps? No, because mating is what keeps the human population booming; making children not just having intercourse for the sake of pleasure. And I assure you, most men are not out here trying to inseminate the women of the world. Many are merely trying to divide and conquer the splendid fortress that is a woman’s body for their self-indulgences.

The more magnificent the allure of the capture the harder they work to get in. Striding confidently up to the front gates adorned in their best armor and equipped with their heaviest artillery. They pull out all the stops, going the extra mile to make you feel comforted and reassured by their heroic presence. After all, they’re only here to save you. All women need saving right? That’s what we’ve been taught since the dawn of Disney, so what do we do? We let them in. And they feast on our hopeful hearts, drink of our tortured tears, and laugh at our pain only to disappear into the night once they have had their fill. Done with their pillage, bellies too full to concern themselves about the scraps they’ve left behind.

Abandoned to pick up the pieces and rebuild our kingdoms on our own. Only the strong survive. Some of us simply unable to reconstruct what once was, not having the proper tools or guidance or support. Some of our empires plundered so badly that there’s literally nothing left but the decaying structure of what used to be a sturdy foundation. A real man will wear no mask. He will have no hidden agenda. He will see the beauty in your disaster and he will assess all the ways that he can add substance to it. Ways that he can help build you up and never break you down. A real man will know your worth before he enters your temple so that he may walk through the doors with nothing but good intentions and love.