Thought Thief


Stuck in a circle with a bunch of squares
You’re a box
Questionin’ what I’m doin’ here
When what I want to do is be over there
Where you’re not
Blendin’ in and standin’ still
Avoidin’ corners to not get stabbed or scratched on the edge
Dodgin’ scabs and death
Givin’ in to the fun and dumb
But I can’t help myself
I’m obsessed with the thoughts in my head
And the thoughts not yet
Where they might be
And what I might see if I catch them all while they’re before me
Show them off like shiny badges to packed stadium crowds
Wreaking havoc when I scream out loud  
I’m whoring myself out the second I walk out the door
Robin hood stealing ideas from the thoughtful
Given’ them to the thoughtless poor
Skimmin’ off the top for profit
To craft a master of pieces gathered
Build a triangle to stand atop
Chain you to the food down in the cellar
Fresh food taste better when it’s eat or be eaten
I’m ruthless and hungry and ain’t no vegan
I weed out the weak and eat them
Leavin’ nothin’ for the hard heads
Rollin’ down the sharp beds
Losin’ blood quite quick
All the tiny dicked pricks
Hatin’ on my word tricks
No regrets to shed for no fucks are owed
As no fucks were sold
Consider me cold if it’s the best word you know to describe what I show
I know what I know
Without you being in my head you don’t know what I know
But I’m on display
Come on and play
I’m right this way
I’ll sit and wait
Eager to introduce you to my best friend fate
Meet yours truly
You can try to screw me but I fuck raw
My words leave scars
Got a friction addiction and like fast cars
Crash my GT-R into your third story hospital room
Where you landed soon after the disaster
When you last open your mouth to spit trash you couldn’t back
And I stepped up so you stepped back
“So it’s like that?”
Yes bitch it’s like that
I like smack talk
But your talk is whack
I don’t care that what you do is rap
When all your bars are crap
Go and sling some crack
Make money like that
And stop hatin’
I’m writing this shit faded
To me you’re just hazy
I’m headin’ to improve on the groove I choose to pursue
Unlike you
I’ll come back later to check up on you
Probably find you right here still hatin’