Staying Alive V

Blinding, the light splashes into my eyes. A anomalous contorted shadow stands before it staring down at me. Tired and hungry I’m too weak to move or respond in any way. This could be the last thing I ever see.

It’s distorted voices calls out to me, “ahh huu ahhayyy.” I can’t make out a word. “ahh huu ahhayyy,” it repeats.

As my eyes adjust the figure gains more shape and definition. Arms. A head. A body.

“Are huu ahhayyy,” it repeats. “Ehooo!”

The deafening ringing in my ears starts to fade.

“Are you okay?”

Words start to make sense.

“Hello? Can you here me?”

I’d talk if I could.

“Help me get him up.”

Another person walks into the light. Each one puts one of my arms around them and they walk me out of the closet to rest me on the bed. The sun beaming through the window lands on the blankets keeping them extra warm.

“Here, drink this.”

Water. I haven’t had a drop in god knows how long. The brown haired man holds me up while I gulp the water down. It feels like I’ve had sand in my throat and it’s just now clearing away.

“Can you speak?”

I could barely keep my eyes open. Much less use words.

“Tell the others we’re going to need their help getting this guy out of here. We need to move quick before night falls and we can’t see those things.”

“Got it. I’ll be right back.”

Before I know it I’m dreaming. I know it’s a dream because I’m standing outside in an empty quiet field I don’t think I’ve ever really seen. And I’m fully aware this isn’t happening. Never had I had a dream so lucid. I’ve lost consciousness around strangers and I can’t wake up.

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