Opt out of Success


Jack expresses his thoughts on success and accomplishment in today's world and how it manifests in the general population. 


The human mind is of dreams and desires
We hope and fantasize over theoretical pleasure
We long for purpose and freedom with it consuming our moment to moment interactions
Always present in our conversations and manifested in our actions
Yet, the human condition prevents us from going further than the want
We don't strive or fight to bring things out from the ether
We've settled for our place and time as though it were etched in stone
Feeling like victims to our current state
As if things that aren't already will never come to be
Once the possibility is understood, though
That is when the fear of failure sets in
The discomfort of having to move in order to accomplish overwhelms us
Static inaction is familiar
It requires us to spend no time of our empty meaningless lives
Seeking purpose is too tiring if the success is not immediate
Self reflection is not present
So we accuse our environment
The systems we live in
But we never question our ability and motivations
In our eyes our failures are all but our own faults
Thus, we have a direction to blame in
We can opt out of it being our own doing
And we do