I Talk


And I explain the thoughts that bounce around my brain, but they claim those aren’t the same ones I brought and kept replaying, when I open my mouth, like a cruel game, I’m told they came out a different way.

The fix is intention. Mention the apprehension of emotional criticism. Isn’t wisdom what’s been missing?

It’s pointless to question the echo on the other side of a mirror when ripples still reflects the sky. But I’m not surprised being it I have to explain why your death to others doesn’t mean you die.

The objective is what should have been rejected.

I’m abstract and when I react absurd ready to interact as if misheard their emotions bleed into their words and fact gets turned into why their hurt.

What the fuck!

If I hold back I’m not real, still cuts peel back cold steel skin, feels thin and frail, because it’s fake. This entails it’s difficult for me to take. Refusal to fail when I open my mouth only to be mistaken every statement I make because their emotions get in the way.

There's no avoiding it.