Fighting The Crooks: Part 2


After learning the president has been lying to her for as long as she's known him, Team Leader Rachel Chambers sets out to learn the truth behind this secret facility her and her team have walked into, in this second part to Fighting The Crooks


As if a veil of lies was lifted from her, team leader Rachel Chambers is frozen. Stuck. Terrified at what her eyes can’t unsee.

Hidden from within the shadows with three of her squad mates they watch as The United States of America’s First Lady directs a heavily armed troop to prep children for slave labor.

This team, self-titled ‘The Patriots’, have been faced with the cold hard truth that their patriotism has been in the name of a corrupt government all along. Their willingness to serves blinded them from what’s been going on under their noses all along.

“What do we do, Cap?” Zack the medic asks for the second time.

“I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I need to think,” Chambers replies. “God! This is so fucked up!” She clenches her fists and jaw fighting back the urge to gun down every guard in the facility. But knowing she’d get killed in exchange is enough to hold her back. There is more than meets the eye going on in this facility and she needs to get to the bottom of it. She needs to get revenge on the corrupt president she’s served for seven years being lied to every step of the way.

Chambers’ thoughts are fogged while resisting the tunnel vision to act immediately. “Alexander,” She says.
”Yes, sir?” The stealth recon officer asks.
”Take charge. I can’t even focus,” Chambers tells him.
”Immediately, sir.” Alexander responds. For her entire fifteen year career leading the team she’s had Alexander Paviolla by her side as her right hand. Her better and calmer judgement. Her best friend. Greatest rival. Second in command. No soldier does Chambers trust more.
”Okay, team,” Alexander begins.” We have to get to the basement. That’s main priority. We need to see what’s going on down there to make a plan of action.”
”What should I do?” Jon, the sniper, asks in Alex’s ear piece.
”Our exit, your entrance,” Alex says, “It’s been cut off. We’re separated until further notice. The rest of us need to get around these guards.” He points far to the other side of the warehouse against the wall. “We remain in shadows and silent. No guns drawn. We won’t be able to let off a shot without risking these kid’s lives.”

The team sidesteps along the wall. Alexander in the front, Chambers in the back. They head to the furthest corner away from the First Lady. The direction she came from.

Smooth and silent they glide over the warehouse walls searching for a path down into the basement of the facility. They make it to the next corner and manage to find nothing.
”Where did she come from?” Alexander rhetorically asks.
High heels commence clacking at the rough warehouse floor.
Clack, Clack, Clack.
The First Lady walks right up to a wall some fifty feet away from the team, hidden behind crates.
The First Lady rests her palm against the wall and presses. The wall dips in and then opens in her direction. A secret door.

“Question answered,” Roger says as the First Lady and the two guards escorting her vanish, the wall shutting behind them.

“That’s our way in it seems,” Alex says, “we’ll wait until the children are being moved and follow behind. ‘Till then, we wait.”

For the next moments they cautiously watch the children be gathered, lined up and walked to this secret doorway to wherever. In a single file they vanish one by one behind the wall.

“Eyes open. Our window comes next.” Alex says.

The last few children make it to the other side followed by the guard in the back.

“Move in!” Alex orders the team. He goes in first while the others stand idle providing backup in case some of the other guards roaming the facility manage to spot him. He moves quietly over to the invisible door. “Clear,” he says stopping at the door. Suppression, Roger Strothers follows behind him. Zack and Rachel remain under cover waiting for the signal. Alex presses on the door and it swings open. He sneaks in first, then Strothers. “Clear,” through the radio. Zack follows straight through the door.

Chambers is hyperventilating in a furious rage nearly impossible to contain. She takes a deep breath. “You can do this,” she tells herself, “A mission like any other.” And she rushes out of cover and through the door, closing it behind her.

On the other side, a staircase down into infinity. Alex and Strothers hover their way down. Zack follows.

Chambers paces herself, vigilante of Alex’s reaction as he reaches the far bottom of the stairs, appearing like an ant in the distance. He’s unreactive and and she proceeds behind them. At the bottom of the stairs she’s greeted by a long white hallway. White walls, white floors, white everything. A single turn far ahead. The team is already around the corner. She speeds to catch up with them only to find them standing stiff, unresponsive immediately after the corner.

A giant facility with a large missile in the middle. Children laboring around, building, manufacturing. All while guards assure productivity. Oriental officers roam in the hundreds.

The team safe from being spotted for the time being as they’re high up. Before them, a steel platform encircling a large portion of what they can see. But many halls and doors suggest this is just the beginning to the facility. There’s more than meets the eyes here…