Demons and Swords

Full of excuses, got myself thinkin’ I’m useless
Distractions are ruthless, a nuisance
Inaction so fluid, can’t help but sink in to it
Titanic demons keep screamin’, they fiendin’, dreamin’
Monstrous titans wagin’ war, done this before
Deamed victors seepin’ through the cracks beneath the door
Came through the back whisperin’ “Jack we want more”
Like shadows slidin’ ridin’ gaps in light and hidin’ in the dead of night
They’re fightin’ tryin’ to stay alive inside my mind
Sometimes I’m clueless as these sly thieves commit intrusions
Dumb lies I drew in to cope just buys them time to do it, to kill the hope
Time flies on through, dark skies chase down the bright blue
Climbin’ ropes, refuse to to take a seat
Even without knowin’ what to do
Rather choke than claim defeat
Gaspin’ and kickin’, the rush, the call me sickened
A victim to the illness, ‘cause I’m willin’ to spill this
Weaknesses is realness, struggles build villains
Even with the weight, tons of mistakes
With voices claimin’ to take down all that I’ve made
I’m still standin’ sword in hand and I’ll swing with all I have
The great ones have scars, they’re riddled in battle marks
They’ve battled sharks and sharp dagger dipped in venom that’s traveled far
Drained from snakes that have bit ‘em, the one’s that learned to bark
But with those toxins in my veins a spark ignites inside my brain
And the shame goes away and the words begin to hit the page
Like it’s a fuckin’ game and I’m the only one that wants play
Stop carin’ what they say, let the letters spray
Bug killer for the little critters, the sensitive one’s who couldn’t feel this
The excuses begin to fade, and I see a way, I find the pray
I start a chase, it won’t get away, it’s a fuckin’ race, and I’ve trained all day
And I gotta wanna win, but I think when I blink seconds get away so I’m quick
To open back up and take every second that I can grab as soon as I can have it
Only when it’s in my hand I’ll feel satisfaction
They say I’m going mad, I say madness makes me happy
It’s kind of sappy but this is always happenin’ where I’ll struggle badly
Until the troubles vanish and I’m back to the start
Realizes all I had were excuses in the car, they got me far
But once I’ve worked through it I’m back to it
Nothin’ left to do but pursue it