Barely a Kid

Been a while since the pen on paper made me smile
Until now, I’ve been a faker, couldn’t take it
Thoughts runnin’ wild, but I’ve been tired
Don’t get mistaken
Used to write a quarter mile, then the isle broke
That mild smoke left leaving change to cope
Rearranged the hope, a strange cloud to float
Lingering stench, couldn’t find a wrench to fix the mess
The kiss of death dismissed my breath
Gasping, no longer raspy, just gaps be that mask me
Hiding the face beneath
Sheathed the sharp tongue with which I speak
Write obscene, to run
To not be seen behind the hood, screaming I’m misunderstood or dumb
Feared the judgement of being good or wrong
As if someone else knew where I’d belong
But finally, the stink of the ink sinking wet on the page
When I’m enraged shrinks the red on my face
Blinking the crazed away so I find no other place to be
That’s why I stay gone with the trap track on
Ambient rap songs to jog my thoughts along
To jot my words down on
To pretend I’ve got a song, one I think Slim won’t look down on
But I don’t rap, that shits gone whack
Rather have a word snack, don’t need a meal
I ain’t even all that real, just expressin’ how I feel
There’s no other deal, no cards in hand, no poker face
Just want others to understand what I taste in the air
Then I write with my hands, life isn’t always fair
That’s all it is, that’s who I am
No tales to tell, I ain’t superman
Barely a kid trapped in the body of a man