Backup File

I’m counting to the back door
My thoughts are black
I can’t go through the front
A little whacked I’ve gone mad
Lost everything I’ve worked for
Everything I had
Tossed it to the side on the floor
‘Cause I don’t want to try no more

But it’s in me
And I can’t quit
The struggle gives me a hard dick
I’m hit
Stuck doing this shit

I’m hopeless
Suicide lingers in the back of my mind
And I know this
I try and I try
To fight it out
Hoping the embodiment of evil takes me out
Scream and shout
Cry and pout
Drag me to hell
Yet I’m still here without a fucking way out

Can’t change my circumstance
I’m trapped in this stance
Stuck with my dick in my hands
Making a stupid fucking dance
For shreds of words that withstand
The backtrack, but man
I don’t think I want that

Need a new start
After the car crash
Of my written trash
The secret stash
I keep hidden in my ass
In case shit happens
It’ll come out
In my apocalypse prepped bunk
Because my anger will steal Trumps nuke button
I’m not afraid to do something

Crazy when I’m angry
Turning big and green comes handy
When I want to make a scene
Because I can’t stand me

Deep breath
Write it again
Save it this time
Write it in pen

What’s the fuss?
Writing is about not giving a fuck
Out on luck?
Buy more
Waste a buck

But don't quit
That's bitch shit
Just try again
Stay real with it