Transistor II


Harmonic singing drags Isaiah out of unconsciousness. His arms shackled together and chained to the ceiling. Feet shackled together, chained to the wall.

It’s dark and stuffy. A faint ball of orange light approaches increasing visibility. Brighter and brighter it reveals Sarah chained across a stone chamber. Isaiah tries to transmute through the shackles but nothing happens. He can’t even feel his energy.

“There’s no point. It’s a dampening field.” Sarah says. "It's probably etched onto the shackles. Wait no! You're standing on it. They've got you standing on the scripture!"

“Where are we?” he asks.

“You really, really, don’t want to know.”

The light enters the room. It’s a black robed priest holding a lantern.

“Oh, fuck!” Isaiah says seeing the priest. “The fruit of life…”

 “Yes, indeed.” the priest responds.

“He left us with his fucking dog!” Isaiah says. “This is how it ends… Who would’ve known?”

“Woof, woof,” Sarah barks at the priest, smirk splashed across her face.

“So, what now? You kill us? He won’t even do his own dirty work. Has his little bitch doing it?” Isaiah look away from him. “Brainwashed jackass,” he says.

“Watch your mouth fool! It is you who is brainwashed!” the priest says. “Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Abe-“

“HOV!” Isaiah yells out, interrupting the priest.

Sarah giggles quietly in her spot.

The priest takes a moment of silence before saying, “Abraham.”

“Is it now?” Isaiah asks. “Thought that name was for those following the light.”

“I suppose now is as good a time as any to exercise sin and rid the earth of evils such as yourselves,” Abraham says.

“Forgive me, Designer, for what I must do,” Sarah says.

“No need to bluff girl. Your shackles were designed just for apostles,” Abraham narrows his eyes at Sarah. She’s made him uneasy.

“It’s good to know a little of everything,” she says and the shackles over her head explode. Freeing her wrists. She fires a beam from one palm to destroy the shackles around Isaiah’s wrists and another at Abraham.

Abraham appears by Sarah’s side and smacks her across the chamber, appearing next to her again and midair smacking her down to the floor.

Sarah’s body explodes a purple light propelling Abraham up and slamming him into the ceiling. She gets to her knees, laces her fingers and whispers, “Protection” before getting to her feet and running over to Isaiah inside of a glowing yellow orb of energy. Sarah frees Isaiah and they make a run for the doorway and dart up the stairs.

“Why didn’t you escape earlier and return with reinforcements?” Isaiah asks.

“I need your help to get out!” Sarah responds. “My transmutations are basic.”

Isaiah comes to a halt, “You need my help?” He asks concerned, “Are we in-“

“A church,” Sarah finishes.

“What? We’ll die when we get to the top of these stairs!” Isaiah yells at her.

“You’ll keep us safe. I have faith!” she says. “Plus, what’s the alternative?”

“Guess you’re right,” he says and walks up the stairs. “Here we go, I guess!”

“I guess!” Sarah says, the two of them now running out of the underground chamber into a giant white walled castle of a cathedral.

They slow down as they enter the cathedral from below. Sarah’s field of energy dissipates as they step foot inside.

The harmonic singing is louder, closer. They turn a corner to face dozens of priests gathered, singing to six celestials. Four with their wings tucked, one with them retracted, and one with them broken.


“Even if the priests are powerless in here like you, we can’t take on six celestials when it only took one to capture us,” Isaiah whispers, the two of them peeking around the corner of a doorway.

“Yes, but you can transmute us outside and we face no one,” Sarah responds.

“No, I can’t!” he says.

“But I saw you do it before!” Sarah’s voice cracks.


“And you can’t now…” she says.

“Precisely,” Isaiah says. “But we can at least get us close to the outside,” he says pointing to a wall reflecting sunlight. “We get that far, I can see the outside and take us there!”

“But?” Sarah asks.

“But,” he points at the celestials again. Where they need to be is right in the celestials’ line of sight. They’ll be spotted the second they make it. “Six celestials, two dozen priests. We run for it!” he says, grabbing her shoulder. “Be ready, because we’ll still need to fight in order to get away!”